Friday, February 12, 2010


A while back i made a friend she helped me believe that if i wanted to i could do anything, she encouraged me to try harder and look farther, to laugh in the face of adversity she not only did this for me but for many others as well, so when she encountered a difficult time a whole lot of us chipped in and made a large collab kit to aid her in getting back on her feet. Tragically on Jan 16 2010 this friend was in a head on collision, she passed at the scene and her husband a short time later in hospital. The owner of the collab gave me permission to post my part of it FREE TO USE so here it is .. called Gypsy Love in memory of Gypsy of Caravan Scraps.. please go check out her blog the link is on the side.. her family is posting her pay to use kits as freebies and she has some gorgeous stuff!



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