Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome Home

I am using a ©Nicole Brune image you need a
licence to use this art which can be purchased from

Scrapkit Captain of her heart by

Font: The Nautigal
(Just having the .TTF file open and minimized on your task bar will allow PsP to detect your font without you having to install it.)

Mask WSL_Mask94 by By Chelle Masks are found in the navigation link, unzip to your masks folder.

Supplies include my mask XtenzMask1 PLEASE do not rename or claim as your own

I have also included the Sand that goes under the mask in the
and the words Welcome and Home in the pinky mermaid pattern
fill, just incase you want to use it.

This Tutorial was created using Corel's Paint Shop Pro®
with the understanding that you have a working knowledge of this program.

(I used PhotoX2 but you should have no
trouble recreating it with earlier versions of PSP)

Open a new image 500 X 500 transparent and flood fill with Pink #e5829c R229 G130 B156

then Apply WSL_Mask94, source luminance > show all mask > fit to layer all checked.Click to apply
Right click the mask in layers pallet, merge group

find my WelcomeHomeSand file and paste as a new layer, move it down near the bottom
so that you can move it to where you need it later.

Open WaterSabre from the kit and paste as a new layer.

Apply XtenzMask1, source luminance> show all mask> fit to layer all checked
right click the mask in layer pallet, merge group.

Open Sabre Love letter2 from the kit resize by 40% and paste as a new layer, resize again by 60 or 70 %

Free rotate right by 20 move way over to the right hand corner

Open PortholeSabre from the kit resize by 40% and paste as a new layer, resize again by 80 %

move up to the top left corner.

Add a drop shadow i used V= -1 H= -2 Opac 44 Blur 2 Color black #000000
Choose your magic wand tool and click once inside the porthole
Selections > modify> expand by 10

click o.k.
Add a new raster layer and drag this layer below porthole layer>Click on your new layer.

Open letter2Sabre from the kit using your Rectangle selection tool set to >Mode:Add > no feather > anti-alias checked. Select an area at the bottom 530W and 330H copy then on your tag Paste into selection >

Add your tube I resized mine by 80% add a drop shadow i used V= -1 H= -2 Opac 44 Blur 2 Color pink #c99587
Again add a drop shadow same settings change Color to black#000000
Here you can either use my Welcome and Home images or continue with your own text by clicking onto your tube layer
Using your rectangle selection tool choose a small patterned area of your tube,
I used an area near her fins copy n paste this as a new image
Save this small pattern to your MyPSPFiles Patterns folder as .jpeg you can close it once you've saved.
Now add your text Stroke black change your background fill
properties to pattern you made- Angle 45 Scale 75.

Add your copyright information and licence # if any.

Merge All Flatten and your done.



This tutorial is my own creation. Any similarity to any other tut is coincidental and completely unintentional.

Please do not copy it, upload it to another website you may share the link to the Blog homepage xtenziv.blogspot or to the blog tutorial page directly.

☼XtenzivImage☼ ©2009 -All artwork used remains the copyright of the creators
Using an image ©Nicole Brune with licence CI-6331LM

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